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    The methods for stretching tissue have been known for centuries and now the medical science has actually proved their efficiency for body modification. In many types of reconstructive surgery the modern medicine employs so called tissue expanders in order to achieve the enlargement of soft body tissue. By implementing stretching techniques the orthopedic surgeons successfully lengthen limbs. By way of stretching existing living skin it is possible to obtain new skin in injured places. Such operations, aimed at lip and ear stretching, have been performed by tribal fold medicine in Africa and South America since many centuries ago.

    The methods of tissue stretching ACTUALLY BRING RESULTS!

    All over the world the folk medicine of many native tribes has practiced body modification by application of stretching and tension methods for centuries. And the methods have proven its efficiency for making additional skin and tissue grow in desired direction.

    Practice proved by centuries of folk medicine

    The fact that the human body positively responds to sustained pressure has an abundance of evidence from all around the world. The examples of successful body stretching and lengthening are in plenty.

    In the region not far from the borders of modern-day Burma and Thailand exists a tribe called 'Hill People' (or Pa Dong Karen). They are known as the 'Giraffe Women' as well. It well might be so that this culture is the most famous in the world among other tribes that modify their bodies by applying stretching.

    The cultural tradition of the tribe is stretching the necks of some women in the tribe by making them wear ornamental brass rings around their necks. Young girls, usually between ages of six and eight, begin wearing rings. Little by little, a ring at a time is added, slowly increasing the distance between their shoulders and heads. The process is progressive and stretches over a period of many years. But results are very graphic and really amazing!

    As far as of today, the current record belongs to a native lady with as many as 28 brass rings on her neck, though as a rule the majority stops at something like 20. This is a good example of the fact that modification by applying stretching force can be achieved even for bone tissues to say nothing about the soft tissues that would respond to traction much more readily.

    Some other examples of efficiency of traction for successful tissue expansion

    The Suya tribesmen that live in the region of the Amazon in South America practice lip and ear stretching that gains as much as 300% size increase or even more as compared to the original size of the tissue. They do it for some spiritual and cultural reasons of their own. When still young, men of the tribe pierce their lips and ears and in the course of years manage to stretch them so that disks several inches across can fit in.

    It can seem totally weird to outsiders, but in order to represent their high sexual maturity and social status the women of the Mursi tribe (the Omo Valley of southern Ethiopia) have practiced lip stretching with special disks for many centuries. The larger the disk that can be fit, the higher is the status of the wearer. Some of the women of the Mursi tribe can actually manage to pull a lip over their own heads, believe it or not!

    Over the long term the lip disks that are used to increase the size of the lower lip extend their traction force even to the teeth and jawbone, gradually pressing them back and transforming the usual shape of the jaw. The conclusion here is:

    Given enough TIME, the persistent traction force DOES make the tissues grow.

    Permanent penis enlargement by application

    The ProExtender was invented and developed by a European specialist in general and plastic surgery named Jorn Ege Siana, M.D. It has become the most popular penis extension device in the world. The ProExtender guarantees successful improvement of the length and girth of your penis. Its workings are based on the same physical principles that we have described above.

    All it takes is to apply the ProExtender just for a couple of hours each day and you will see ACTUAL results in several months. The device is inconspicuous and can be hidden under clothing.

    The workings of the ProExtender are based on the principles of cell mitosis. In the process of mitosis the cells divide, creating new volumes of tissue. The carefully measured intracellular tension applied to the penis makes it actually grow new tissues!

    The optimum penis enlargement is achieved by absolute control of both the time and amount of tension. You do not have to worry about potentially damaging surgery and you do not even have to visit a doctor in order to apply this revolutionary device!

    Getting A Large Penis Is Not A Difficult Problem Nowadays. Natural Methods Of Penis Enhancement. Penis Enhancement Gadgets VS Natural Enlargement Methods

    The number of male persons in search of an efficient and affordable way of getting a large penis has demonstrated noticeable increase recently. More and more men are getting interested in the modern methods and systems of penile enhancement. There is no need in our days to keep suffering over such problems as a small penis or erectile dysfunction, low and tired sexual drive and stamina (male libido). Such embarrassing problems with male sexual performance can be solved thanks to several enhancement methods that have been recently developed by modern medical industry and pharmacology.

    Any person looking for the ways of getting a large penis should be aware, first of all, that it is impossible to build up the length and girth of a penis in the same way people build up their muscles. There are no such gyms and fitness centers in existence, which are able to offer you a penis-building program. The reason for this is absence of any muscles in your penis, which can be developed similar to your biceps and other segments of musculature.

    On the other hand, this does not mean the impossibility of getting a really impressive manhood. A large penis can be obtained in several ways. For the convenience of people interested in this question we have compiled this short checklist of penis enhancement methods, which, hopefully, could be of some help, when choosing the right method of getting a large penis.

    1. Penile surgery

    We would not recommend this method of penis enlargement for purely cosmetic purposes. The method was originally developed as means of rehabilitation for people with injured penises, as the result of accidents or battle injuries and so on. Later on it was introduced as a penis enlargement technique in the cosmetic surgery. The disadvantages of the penile surgery are several and all of them are considerable. In the first place, the surgery is risky; there is no 100% guarantee of safety. Any patient risks getting severe after-surgery complications: penis disfigurement, impotence and so on. For instance, as a result of the surgery, a patient can end up with a downwards-looking erection. Secondly, the penile surgery costs thousands of US dollars. Besides, two separate surgeries are required for penis length and girth enhancement, since the latter and former characteristics cannot be improved during a single operation.

    2. Natural penis enlargement methods - Herbal pills and Systems of penis extension exercises

    Besides the above-described possibilities of getting a large penis, there are some others, and they have been growing in popularity as of lately. Many people consider them the best of all the options available, because of their naturalness and affordability. These methods do not require a prescription from your physician, or purchase of some extension device. The natural ways of penis extension include herbal penis pills and penis extension exercises.

    The penis exercises will not involve any special financing on your part. All you will have to purchase is, may be, a good quality video training program on a DVD. Such expenditure will never ruin your budget, bit would be highly recommended. The training program will guide you, step by step, through the details of natural penis extension exercise sessions. In order to get noticeable results, you need to know how to practice those exercises correctly. Another requirement is high level of your own self-motivation and discipline; you should be able to make yourself practice the system on daily bases for a dozen of weeks, at least. On such conditions you will see the results, in the end, so it would be a good investment of your time.

    The natural herbal pills will not give you a large penis by themselves. But they can efficiently enhance your sexual health and the performance of reproductive system. They are an excellent remedy for erectile dysfunction and low libido. The combination of herbal pills and natural penis extension exercises has been discovered to bring excellent results. Still, you should be cautioned against low-quality pills, widely advertised online. You will have to do some online research at the herbal pills sites and forums, to learn, which brands are the most reputable and trusted. The availability of money back guarantee is another critical feature, proving the actual potency of the particular brand. Make your choice wise and knowledgeable - and enjoy the amazing results!

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